Tune Up Time.

Set all winter laziness aside. If you have a bike, it is time to tune it up and get back on it. I’m looking at you, Liz Novak.

But, while you dawdle and digress just a little longer, enjoy this collection of vintage photographs from the Paris-Roubaix: the “Hell of the North” bike race. Cobblestones, rain, and mud- just like Providence, RI.

4 thoughts on “Tune Up Time.

  1. ian c. says:

    oh god. can I be reborn as an italian cyclist in the 1920s?

  2. jesse.anne.o says:

    Belated thanks, E.Elizabeth, for your comment re American Apparel on my blog and for posting so that I may find your blog. Needless to say, I agreed with your comment!

    My bike is currently at the bike shop awaiting her spring tune-up after having soldiered through the winter under a tarp in front of my apartment. (I’m not yet skilled in bike maintenance as a total n00b who is still afraid of riding her bike the in the street.) The good news is that I rode her to the shop with traffic and was okay with it. Hell, it was even pleasant. So I’m hoping my biking skills and comfort-level have improved and I’ll sow the seeds this spring!

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    Aaaand apparently I’ve already favorited your Etsy store and have been stalking a few of your items already – and most distinctly remember you because the Turtleback Zoo was in my past as well.

    • With Care says:

      Coooool! Thanks so much, Jesse. I’ve had weird mixed feelings over AA for so long. It really wasn’t until I tried to go without imported clothes that I grew an sort of fondness for them. I’m sure it’s a little being a vegan at a vegan buffet and suddenly, you don’t even care how deep fried that gluten steak is- just please, put it my mouth right now! I want to order one of everything because my choices are suddenly unlimited.

      City biking is weird and cool and terrifying all the same time. At least in NYC you guys have those hotly contested bike lanes- the same ones responsible to destroying innocent lives and dissolving the heart of our precious democracy. In RI, we are left to fall down giant pot holes and get doored by cars with reckless abandon- just like good, red-blooded patriots! But I digress. I’ve never done it but I bet biking around NYC would be a blast! Whenever I see kids zipping around the flat and straight terrain of Brooklyn, I get a shiver of envy.

      Thanks so much for your purchase, too! The daschund pin is favorite. Tell me about your Turtle Back Zoo experiences! I remember going there a few times with my aunt who would then take me by all the big mansions in Short Hills? or Summit? or a certain part of Montclair? I can’t recall. Man, north Jersey is weird.

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