Old Things.

Two great “old things” adventures in two days. Life is groovy!

First, to the New England Demolition and Salvage in New Bedford, MA.

No photos are allowed, so you never saw these, ya hear? But on the plus side, I bought a sweet, floppy, felt hat (specifically for sun protection! I must be getting old.) and the nice lady who works in the front will let you take free clippings from her large windows full of plants!


“Things organized neatly” is right!

The second adventure was to an abandon mansion up the street from my house.

I will spare you a full history of the Tirocchi Mansion of 514 Broadway, but it is a pretty magical structure. It had been sitting silently for years, an upright piano on its outdoor patio- front rotted away to show all of its strings. If you are into a more straightforward tour, here are some photos my pal Corey took 2 years ago, when things were looking a little more sad. The property has recently been purchased by a local non-profit development corporation and they were nice enough to open it up to curious neighborhood lookiloos for two hours. Naturally, I was on their back doorstep at 4pm-opening time- anxiously fiddling with my camera.


I stepping into this room just in time to miss being rained on by this falling plaster!


I feel like every time I encounter an article or essay on this house and its inhabitants, a picture of this chest of drawers is always featured. Seeing it in person was kind of like meeting a celebrity.

There are even more photos in my Flickr stream, if you are into that sort of thing.

And, in case you were wondering, here is an image of the outside:

It has been so long since I’ve wondered around a good, old house. When I was busy a-schoolin’ last year and the year previous, we had all sorts of opportunities to get up close and nosy with historic properties and it never occurred to me just how much I miss it. Getting the chance to experience a place in his delicate limbo between existing and ceasing to exist is pretty special, certainly in the line of “will never happen again”. I’m lucky to get to see these things. I feel like I take so many pictures when I am in these buildings and when I get home, I never feel like I have taken enough.

Particularly in light of just how unhappy I am at my new archival job (very!), I can’t help but notice just how happy buildings make me. Looking at them, talking (and talking and talking) about them, thinking about them, reading about them. I’ve been set on the idea of eventually going to school for textile conservation, but I might have to admit that, while I like textiles, I love buildings. Expanding consciousness is a troublesome thing.

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7 thoughts on “Old Things.

  1. meg says:

    liz! so good to see you are keeping the flame alive – with curiosity and love. the wedding cake house is finally getting resurrected eh? I’m glad i got to see it a few years ago. What wonderful wallpaper, peepholes and cornices! very nice pictures.
    Did you see the crazy purple tiled bathroom on the second floor?

  2. Liina says:

    These are amaaaaaaaazing, I love all the bathtubs, and I love the wallpaper and linoleum in the house.

    • With Care says:

      Thanks, Liina! There was so much good light that it was crazy. there were also tons of other folks roaming around the place so getting photos without including other people taking photos was pretty difficult.

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  4. […] tasty local bacon pancakes!) and we dinnered at Julian’s, Chez Pascal, and Trinity! We went to New England Demo and Salvage where I bought a sweet work stool and to Circa, the world’s least overwhelming vintage […]

  5. […] the overture to dining. My folks came up this weekend and, while we did other things- like go to NEDS and do household improvements… and hang out in the hot tub at their hotel- we also ate some […]

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