Via Air Mail and Others.

So, I guess it has been a while since I’ve posted anything about making stuff or stuff that has been made.

I’ve been making lots, but it’s been kind of a-directional making. Or maybe just an uninteresting kind of making. Or a non-photographic making. I’ve been making dates and adventures and friends and dinner. Making time to walk the dog and renew my driver’s license and file my taxes. I’ve made my closet clean and tidy and switched out some of my winter wears for something more colorful and springy. I’ve made new packaging for the store and I’ve been working on making consistent branding. I made the choice to sign up for an e-course (of all things! I feel that paying money for someone’s opinion of good business practices is very not-me since I have so very many opinions of my own, thank-you-very-much.)  And I’ve been trying to make a little time each week to just kind of veg out and read and be by myself in an atmosphere of “no pressure”. That’s something that I find very difficult to do.

The above necklace was made in celebration of having a working printer, finally (like, about 5+ years included in that “finally”). Maybe you remember these cute “Via Air Mail” labels that I acquired over the summer? They were the belle of this post, for sure.

I don’t think that I will keep these in stock forever, but for now, they are a fun little thing. Get them before I become bored or sick of red, white, and blue colorways (impossible!)

On another tangent, I’ve spent part of my free time today thinking about things I like versus things I don’t like. This is the up/downside to having a job where you spend 8 hours not talking to anyone.

It has occurred to me that I like:

Food trucks – Short hair on top paired with girly clothes on the bottom – Karen Walker sunglasses – Wearing loafers with no socks – My new hot water bottle. It will have a post all of its own – Wearing pants after years of not really wearing many pants – The part in the new J. Crew catalog where the lady being profiled talks about how her son likes it when she paints his toenails pink – All those hours I spent painting boys fingernails at the end of the lunch table in the 7th grade – Pictures of my dog*

I am pretty sure that I don’t like:

Fancy underwear – Patterned tights – The word “booties” – The extraneous hat becoming the new extraneous scarf, sartorially – Non-poor people who think they know what’s best for real poor people – Jumping the season, sartorially – Ivy League college students crusading for “justice”.

*Martin, trying to snipe my crossword puzzle. Back off, beastie.

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