The Other Bike Week.

Friends and readers who pay attention to what I say might have picked up on my, ahem, wicked intahrest in menswear, particualrly of the increasingly popular traditional/preppy sense. Were I Matthew Novak instead of Elizabeth, I would be dressed like such an insufferable jerk right now! In fact, there is at least one dude that I see around town who’s sartorial choices and attitude are just so off the charts of “generally looking like an asshole”, but every time I try to hate on him, I can’t. One less X chromosome and I’d be wearing 3 Gant-brand shirts at the same time.

This week over at his blog, Ivy Style, Christian Chensvold is driving me nuts by featuring a week’s worth of preppy bike style. You should check it out. Also, CC might be the least-jerky guy on the Tradman Blog scene. Not like there is a lot of competition for that rank.

fotos via

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