The Royal We.

I made no intention of following any of the timely Royal Wedding hub bub, but then one of my items was featured in the likewise themed Etsy Finds email. Now, I am a little more sympathetic towards the cause of two people that I don’t know wanting to share their lives and pay taxes together (ha!). Or, whatever.

I was very interested to read this incredibly detailed account of the lace used in the wedding dress, however. It’s just the nerd in me.

There has been speculation that this might increase the production of American-made lace, especially in New England. I had a friend in college who owned a lace manufacturing company and through her, spent a few days working between the huge tatting looms- quality controlling hundreds of pieces and, occasionally, falling asleep on the benches where little Victorian-child feet used to tip toe about while their grubby hands changed bobbins and lost fingers. I was paid in money, but also in pizza. It was sublime.

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