Bow Time!

One thing that I really love seeing at my day job is how many customers send us photos of themselves in their newest I’m Your Present acquisition. We try to post up as many as we can and I think that it is a really fun way to encourage interaction with our, ahem, “client base”. When I am sewing something up, I generally only find myself thinking about it in the immediate sense. It’s so great to see a later photo of it, styled into an outfit and filled with life and it is even better to celebrate how our clothing fits and looks on all sorts of different ladies (and sometimes dudes!)

photo from

Sadly, I don’t get as many of these kick backs for With Care, but I have gotten some.

First off, check out Miss Jesse and her sweet clip-on bow tie:

On her blog, she adds a corduroy jacket to the outfit- making her look like a babe-ly modern teddy girl. This little tie sat in the shop for long that I had almost forsaken it! But Jesse is really making me reconsider it’s viability. Dang, girl!

Secondly, last December, right before the beginning of my trunk show, my friend Ashley swooped into the store and nearly bought the place out in a moment of inspired Christmas shopping madness! That crazy lady didn’t even wait for the little foil freshness tab to be pulled from the boxed wine!!!

She sent me this spiffy photo of her brother in his new be-anchored bow tie. That light salmon and wild forest green color combo is a bold move, but he is totally pulling it off! And as she commented, “Big smiles. Small dog.” You know I love ’em.

So, if you are feeling both spring-y and bow-y check out these new offering from our Department of Springtime Clip-on Foppery:

Seasonal allergies are no excuse for sartorial laziness!

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2 thoughts on “Bow Time!

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    Thank you for including me in your post! (Sorry I’m a tardy commenter – I was traveling for work and fell behind on the innernettes.) I am reviewing my May budget because I’d like some straight-up bow ties as well!

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