Hey 12 Eyes.

I’m nothing if not up front about my love of eye glasses, right? I mean, have you seen just how many vintage eye glass frames I have favorited on Etsy? An embarrassing amount. When I am sad, I know that I always have fantasy eyeglass shopping to make me smile, even if ever so faintly.

I kind of also love going to the eye doctor. I like it almost as much as going to the dentist… which I like a lot. Either of these examinations will make me feel good about myself, if only because I woke up, did them, and can live with the satisfaction of having gotten something important done. The smug feeling of accomplishment will last all day. Also, unlike the doctor-doctor, the optometrist and the dentist never try to make me feel crushingly bad about myself or my life (a thing that many of my shitty and awful doctor-doctors have done throughout the entirety of my life, no matter how hypocritical)- although the dentist does sometimes rail me about not flossing as much as I should.

Since bitten with the “old glasses” bug, I look for attractive frames often. However, since such a wealth still exist, I had to set some criteria for myself, lest my house or studio become over run into a vintage eye glass grave yard. But even that has left the options too wide. So, I’ve aligned myself to 3 specific brands and designs. Thusly, I am at 2 of each.

I know, the differences are subtle, but indulge me while I yammer on about ’em, okay?

My first loves, the Art Craft Leading Lady Art-Rims. These lasses are the sister to the classic-of-all-classics, the Clubman Art-Rim which, and I’m only 50% certain about this, might have actually preceded the Ray-Ban Clubmasters. These are at their best when the metal bottoms are cut a little more fully. Too up-swept of a cat’s eye shape and they can become kind of cartoon-y and dated. Fine if you have the personality to back it, but otherwise, you may venture into the territory of “costume”.

This style by Bausch and Lomb is almost exactly similar in dimensions to the Leading Ladies, save for a bite taken out of each corner. Without any rhinestones or geegaws, I love how simple and modern these look. You can’t see here, but the red pair looks to have had a little run-in with a flat iron in the 1960s and still bears some of the scars from that fateful day. However, not enough damage was done to deter me from getting lenses set into them. I’m not a careful person, so it’s best to not give me anything too “new”, anyway.

These guys are also B&L, but safety glass style. After seeing my friend Jenine wearing a pair on the Martha Stewart Show, I was in love. And, of course, being in love means buying every color possible (luckily, only two colors seem to exist. Phew.)


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