View Master.

By the time this came, I had almost forgotten that I had donated to this Kickstarter project by Wurlington Press!

View Master reels (the old Adidas shoe box full of them attests to their ranking as a childhood fave) of abandon industrial and vernacular buildings? Yes, please.

If you are liking what you are seeing you can <a href=”″>follow my blog with bloglovin</a> now. I’m pretty pro Google Reader, but we’ll see if I can’t become unstuck.

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3 thoughts on “View Master.

  1. ian c. says:

    gaaah!! that viewmaster is one of the most gorgeous things ever. !!!! I have the reel of the Michael Reese Hospital, when we hang out we will have the nerdiest viewing party. …. aaaahhhhh

  2. madam0wl says:

    Hello, I’m here by way of flickr (commented on a pic you added to wardrobe_remix). You are fun, just added you to my google reader.

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