When I Die I’ll Go To Heaven Because I’ve Spent My Time in Hell.

All three above images via theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com

Maybe I was Vietnamese engraver in a former life. Would that account for my attraction to small phrases, two word sayings, maxims and, as they are listed in my thesaurus:  adages, aphorisms, proverbs, mottos, saws, axioms, dictums, precepts, epigrams; truisms and clichés?

Thusly, I was impressed by today’s offering from one of my favorite, favorite blogs, The Selvedge Yard, on American soldiers lighters from Vietnam. JP’s photo essays are always of the highest quality, well-sourced and credited while providing enough historical background put the images in context. Consider this post a great, big, red arrow directing your internet-time over to The Selvedge Yard. Check out this post. And then check out his other ones. Right now, it’s Saturday afternoon- cloudy with a chance of rain. What better time is there for looking at pictures on the internet?

And, if you miss it at the bottom of his post, ZippoGallery.com has a gallery of it’s Vietnam-era engraved lighters, too.

From Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher comic series; a perennial fave in our household.

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