Packaging, Exploded.

I think that I have really upped my packing game in the last few months.

1. Swank, high-quality, full-color postcard. Printed on both sides and suitable for actually posting to someone.

2. Handsome, ye olde style box-band with printed inventory and room for small notes. Helps me stay organized!

3. Your stuff! Actually, this package is going to my friend Katie, and she already paid for it, so technically it’s “her stuff” in this photo.

4. A tasty surprise.

4.5. A likewise tasty surprise.

5. A sturdy and reliable box. Perfect for storage of your new thing or other swell trinkets.

With exception to some recent orders*, I ship all my packages in 100% recycled materials that I transform into beautiful shipping envelopes! Unphotographed for now but don’t worry, it’s not some hot-mess style production like you often find when you buy something from Ebay and the package comes stuffed with dirty plastic bags from last night’s take-out. Or does that just happen to me?

*I bought about 100 shipping envelops off of a guy in a darkened alleyway behind a warehouse. It would have been the sketchiest shipping supply sale ever if wasn’t my friends’ housemate.


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