Making Movie Magic 01.

Hey! Check out this rad film that I made with some friends of mine on Friday night!

The whole thing was made, start to finish, in 48 hours- including all sound and editing. I did costumes- including kind of joyfully putting Dave in a tyvek suit and a pig mask- ran around doing various tasks, moved lights, and eve got to shimmy down that creepy little trap door into my living dream, a secret room hiding beneath the floor boards of my friend’s studio! It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with other people on a production of any kind and, in the past years, I’ve had to ask myself if doing that kind of work is even something that I actually enjoy anymore. I like to make things but dealing with actors, directors, and institutions really isn’t something that I want to do. But I had a great time working on this and I look forward to being on board for at least 2 similar projects.

Also, and unrelated, I switched around my biography page to feature what you really want: more pictures of wonderful, old me. Lookit!


2 thoughts on “Making Movie Magic 01.

  1. With Care. says:

    […] have anything to do with this one- I was away for the 48 when it was made- but if you’ve seen the first one, might as well keep with the continuity, […]

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