What the Hail?

Dave took this picture of our porch on Wednesday night, but I promise that the hail accumulation was 70% worse than it looks.

At around 3am, I was just nodding off when I heard Dave holler from the kitchen, “Liz! You should come and see this!” I was anticipating a return of the spider who spins a big-ass web between our wall and the kitchen table- effectively catching anyone who dares stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Instead, I rubbed my eyes and realized that inches from my face, ice cube-sized hail was hurtling down onto the classy plastic lawn chairs, small potted plants, and orange, modernist ash tray that inhabit our second floor porch. It was about 5 minutes of some of the craziest weather I’ve ever seen. I looked out the window but couldn’t see even a trace of our neighbors’ house only 15 feet away! The wind kept getting louder and louder! It was some real “White Squall” shit! Is it possible to not believe in God but to just believe in his wrath?

We ended up all being A.O.K. and alive and well enough to spend the next two days sweating in the oppressive New England humidity.

In other miscellany, I bought a new t-shirt (this is kind of a big deal for me) and a skirt and a bathing suit that makes me look like a total babe. I also bought an air conditioner for the studio but it didn’t work. As I was boxing it up and putting things back in place, I found a bunch of old findings that had gone astray so I relisted their final states in the shop. Today was so gloomy and kind of uninspiring that I borrowed our roommate’s car just so that I could drive my friend Steve around to various grocery stores. He got a bunch of useful things, I got a pound of liverwurst and three tiny chocolate bars.

In closing, here is a picture of Martin snuggling me despite all obvious protestations.


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