Thrift Score 6/14/11.

Saver’s, Warwick, RI.

Last weekend, Dave was out of town DJing a wedding and I was so bored that I volunteered to drive my buddy, Steve, around to do a massive haul of grocery shopping. After that was done, we stopped at Saver’s to see if we could find anything in the last 30 minutes of their business day. Besides 3 different pairs of adult-sized tap shoes (we made sure to drop each pair on the ground and cause a total racket), I found this super duper, glass pitcher and an old card of red buttons. I love any glassware with units of measurement on it and I also love festive pitchers, so this new friend had to come home with me. Plus, now I can make you a pitcher of martinis. Or I can make me a pitcher of martinis.

I’ve noticed that when I shop, I often end up purchasing items that match. Is this an issue for anyone else?

The pitcher was $3.99, the buttons were 99c. I was able to pay for it all with the five-spot in my sweater pocket. Friendtime well spent.

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One thought on “Thrift Score 6/14/11.

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    I love glasses with measurement marks, too. I have at least 2 drink-mixing glasses that I use as drinking glasses. I partially just like knowing how much I’m drinking, but there’s also something about their font and efficiency?

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