The time to get serious has come.

I need a work bench.

I’m working with my friend, Nik, on a little trade: one custom made work bench in exchange for taking in all of his too-loose pants. I know that it won’t look as good as the one above but I can’t wait. I’ve been doing all of my jewelry work on my ironing board and rarely do I get so desperate as to spread out on the floor. When the new work bench is here, I will be more productive. When the new workbench is here, I will work more fully and enthusiastically on things that are new, hard, or complex. When the new workbench is here, I will spend long nights developing new ideas instead of grasping at what is just easiest at the time. These are the things I tell myself.

While I’m lying to myself, let me show you the other goodies from Daily Memorandum, my favorite online antique purveyor, that will make my small workspace more efficient, productive and organized.

First off, I’ll need some better lighting.

I’ll also need a chair to reduce fatigue and a rug to muffle the sound of my busy little hands.

And I’ll need a lot of storage solutions.

I’ll also need a tape dispenser so that I can hang up pictures of cute dogs.

I’ll need a magnifying glass for making delicate forgeries

And a drafting kit to access my naturally inherited lettering abilities and appease the grandfather that I never knew.

I’ll need a pencil sharpener that I can accidentally cut a finger off in.

And a first aid kit, just in case!

I’ll need a happy, little plant to be my friend.

And a warm cup of tea to cry into.

Many items in this mid-evening fantasy are for sale and may be purchased for me from Daily Memorandum, based in Philadelphia, PA: a land of strong and handsome people. Please. Do not make me count down until my birthday.

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4 thoughts on “Workbench.

  1. ian c. says:

    hey, I have that first lamp (a variant on it, with a clamping base) and that tape dispenser!


    • With Care says:

      There is a closet on the 3rd floor of city hall that is filled with old office furniture, including many lamps just like that! As a tax-paying citizen, I’ve been tempted to try and sneak one out in my backpack. That closet is also were they keep some of the city’s oldest deed books… all crammed on top of each other, in a pile, on, like, an old filing cabinet. It’s an obscure archival method.

  2. […] then, an even cooler thing happened. Recall when I posted my humorous wishlist of goods from Daily Memorandum? One of the items I swooned over was this […]

  3. […] my dream studio, there is a giant blow up of this sign pasted to the front door. You know I have nothing but love […]

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