Making Movie Magic 03.

I almost forgot to post the thrilling conclusion to our “Girls in Places They Shouldn’t Be Film Cycle”!

Did you check out part one and part two? You should.

I’ve never done any film work when it comes to costuming. Keeping track of continuity is important so, unsurprisingly, bracelets and necklaces pop up and disappear throughout the course of these three movies and I’ll take full credit for that. On the other hand, the nature of all three shoots were purely off-the-cuff improvisation so little discontinuities are the nature of the beast… right? Oh! And did I mention that Dave played the head “pig man” in all three films? Bravo, handsome!

Also notable was our craft services table, which looked a little something like this:

Plus the addition of chocolate-covered coffee beans and some sour cream and onion corn puffs. Frank knows how to feed us real good.

All of this was in preparation for a legit, local 48 Hour Film contest which went down last Friday, the 15th. I’m not sure when they announce the results nor have I actually seen any cut of the film yet. In fact, since most of it featured the actors in their normal street clothes, I spent most of the last shoot sitting on a porch, watching the neighbors have a barbeque. I had to stick around in case someone ripped or popped something. It wasn’t a total loss of an evening. Someone slipped me some tequila and diet Moxie which, trust me, is a real taste adventure.


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