The Dandy Lion

I’m not a great goal-haver or even a very prolific dreamer (maybe that is why I always prefer non-fiction over fiction. Years I spent as a Literature Minor be damned!) but one small wish I did indulge myself in was to end this year with WITH CARE being carried by at least one store that was not in the Providence, Rhode Island area. So, I was pretty chuffed when I was contacted by Ani and Ali of Indiana’s The Dandy Lion asking if I would be interested in selling in their shop. Bing, bang, boom and three weeks later, rings, necklaces, badges and more are now available at 310 Bank St. in New Albany, IN, USA. Hurray!

You can check out their blog:

Maybe someday I’ll get to visit but if you are passing through the midwest this summer and happen to stop by, drop me a line and tell me how it is. From the pictures, I get a really strong, nice sensory memory of spending days in New Hope, PA shuffling from weird, funky store to weird, funky store. I do wonder if any of those places are still there. Like the music store where I bought my first Roxy Music 7″? Or the Nite Owl vintage clothing shop that opened “around noon”? Or the country branch of famous East Village, NYC store “Love Saves the Day” (which was always like 1 million points of inspiration to my teenage mind.)? Le sigh.


3 thoughts on “The Dandy Lion

  1. Molly D says:

    Congratulations!!!! Your pieces are seriously great so obviously that’s why they picked you up. Here’s to many many more!

  2. With Care says:

    Thanks guys! It makes me feel mad productive, even when I just laying around, half-napping.

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