A Workbench to Call Home.

I am wicked snotty right now. So much so that I actually had to leave work only one hour after showing up. Such a rare occurrence. I never chump out like that!

Dave wasn’t even out of bed yet by the time I had stripped down to my under wears and curled my profusely sweating self up next to him. Lucky him. I spent the day sickly and in bed, sleeping and eating expensive chicken fingers. I’m going to spend the night looking at things on the internet. But, suckers, let me tell you, I spent the weekend, before all of this went down, holding court before my newly-built work bench! Yes! Hurray! Workbench!

For some reason, I had taken some before and after pictures from when I cleaned up my studio a week back.



Sometimes I need to see things rendered into 2 dimensions before I can really see them objectively. Like, it helps me to take a photo of a room so that I can realize, “Oh. Yeah. This is bad”. On the other hand, it also is making me realize how cluttered my version of “clean” is. Sometimes, I’m not sure if I’m winning or losing.

But that doesn’t really matter because on Sunday after, my friend came over with the pieces to slap together THIS fabulous thing:

Check out that sweet, custom-sized workbench. I left this photo at a higher resolution so that you can be nosy and zoom in a bit.

The desk top is made from a really heavy and solid piece of wood covered in a black laminate and edged with sealed wood. It reminds me of our desks and lab tables when I was in high school. I had originally wanted all wood, but my friend had this lying around and insisted that it would be perfect. He was right. It could only be more perfect if it really was from a high school and someone had carved Metallica into it.

I also took the liberty of highlighting some items that I have posted about previously.

Liz Novak and the Half-Filled Stamping Kit!

Normal Whaler, Finished!

All the Validation You Can Buy for A Dollar!

A Delightful Old Ribbon from the Homelands!

Girl Scout Handbook Time!

But then, an even cooler thing happened. Recall when I posted my humorous wishlist of goods from Daily Memorandum? One of the items I swooned over was this light:

Well, watch out what you are askin’ for because you never know how it might come to you.

In this case my friend, Ian “Secret Door” Cozzens lives up to his name because the other day he opened up a closet door in his studio and there sat a lamp- the exact same!!! He’s given it to me on extended loan, the only rub being that I had to rework the wires as some had become frayed. Ten minutes of stripping and twisting later and this little mid-century friend was up and humming.

Not only does it cast a very good light, but it also has this deluxe pencil holder.

For my next request, dear universe, I would like an industrial stool of some kind. Nothing too comfortable. I would also like a tasteful system of small, desktop drawers so that I can clean up my workspace. And, while we are at it, I’d also like a spring green mixte bicycle with porteur bars, a front and rear rack, handsome panniers, internal gearing, and a brass bell. And fenders. Chrome fenders. And white tires. And a dynamo powered front light. Check your basement and get back to me.


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