Thrift Score: 8/something/11

Mid August.

Saver’s, Warwick, RI

Grasshopper’s brand slip on sneakers in a handsome red, white and blue- my favorite colorway for the past year and counting! Did you know that I didn’t really own a pair of sneakers until I bought these for a cool 5 or 7 bucks?

Long, red, rayon dress that buttons up the back and features charming whelk shells… and pockets! I refashioned the top into something less flowy and more sundress-y. About 7 bucks worth of late summer fun.

Khaki shorts in a flattering “camp councilor” length. In addition to sneakers, I cannot recall the last time I bought a pair of shorts that didn’t not start off as full length pants. Seriously. I think that the last time a dedicated pair of shorts ever purchased for my person, retail or second hand, was when I was in middle school, sometime before I learned to hate everything about my body. These days, as long as I can still ride my bike and climb up stairs, I try not to give a shit. I believe that the tag reads, “$5.99”.

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