Lovely Lavalier Necklaces.

Last year, I came into these four, little, teensy, tiny pen knives.

I had an idea as to what I was going to do with them, but I then scrapped it  labeling it as “totally stupid”. Since then, I have been searching my brain for a way to make these little dudes into something viable, even though my instinct tells me to hold all neat-o things closely and hoard them until the flesh falls from my bones (an on going problem when it comes to apartment living, you can imagine.)

the problem with me, and it has been so for a long time, is that I really only like useful things. Beautiful things are nice but they leave me cold once their pretty novelty wears off. And that happens so quickly these days, doesn’t it? A penknife on a necklace is nice and a very delightful and unique statement yet, it’s hardly practical… unless you are very farsighted, I suppose. But when I found a lot of retractable lanyard actions, it became time to rethink the use of penknives as ornament.

And so, I present to you, dear reader, my small collection of Lovely Lavalier necklaces. Pretty to look at, light to wear, and useful to a fault thanks to a fully retractable lanyard that allows the knife to extend out 16 or so inches and still snap back perfectly- every time!

Each necklace is one of a kind so, if you see something, snatch it up! The green one is already on its way to Tampa!

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2 thoughts on “Lovely Lavalier Necklaces.

  1. Chelsea says:

    These are really amazing. Lavalier necklaces (specifically gold ones) will never ever ever not remind me of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. In a great way.

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