Black and Gold, New and Old.

That last one is probably my favorite thing that I have made in the past few weeks. I must have been pretty inspired because the copy for it just came rushing right out:

This brooch strives to create the sacred out of the familiar. I found these beautiful, black, three-dimensional resin cabochon roses that remind me so much of Victorian gutta percha. With Saint Sebastian and Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows in mind, I hung three of my signature arrows from the rose’s three leaves and capped it with a rayed nimbus. Arrows are often depicted as a spiritual weapon and three is a number of great strength and completion. While black is often associated with death the form of the rose was used by ancient Romans to signify pride and victory. Regardless of interpretation, I’m keeping this pinned over my heart all winter long.

Watch out. I sense a growing need to a rayed halo to everything these days. A crowning glory for all!!!

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One thought on “Black and Gold, New and Old.

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    SOLD! Wow, that was the one benefit of being online still at 1:15am.

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