Kind of Like Getting Daps from the Internet.

The one thing that I forgot about the fall is that I have a high tendency to get ill during it.

Which is what I am doing now and have been doing for most of the day. If you count “taking NyQuil at 3pm and sleeping until 8pm” as doing something. Nothing really tastes like sickness quite like the taste produced when drinking orange juice with your mouth all artificially dry-yet-slimy from a dose of decongestants. I will probably be better tomorrow but, right now, I’m using this an excuse to not send out emails, take up the sleeves on my new jacket, or care where my glasses have ended up.

But, despite this somewhat self-induced reprieve into “no effort”, I’d like to share with you the couple places that I have seen With Care get some love from this week. Dig it.

The Ebony Arrow Cocktail Ring was featured on BikBik and RoRo’s “Loving Today”. Reading a little further down on her site, I also came across the passage for Matthew 5:37 “Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’, and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one”. I’m not a scripture quoter nor do I believe in evil (or god, for that matter) but I do believe in speaking plainly and with intent. There are a lot of bad things in the world, you know, -isms and injustice and brutality and all, but few things leave me as cold as flakiness and unfulfilled promises. Not that I am immune to committing either, but how hard is it to stand by your word? And, if you cannot honor your promises, at least be transparent and timely in letting the person on the receiving end know why you must break your word. Ive made jokes that my ideal knuckle tattoos would say “PASS” and “FAIL”. But it’s pretty true. You do. You don’t. GBDFA (or, “God, Bitch! Don’t Fuck Around!” which was my pneumonic device for remembering the bass scale.)

Rachel of Smile and Wave has been wearing one of the Brass Arrow Friendship Necklaces. I wonder who she gave the other one to?

And Beca of Tumbleweed’s Oddshop and Really Fine Glasses Emporium (I added that last part in there) has been rocking her Teenage Lobotomy Pennant Necklace no doubt while making some seriously slick looking, wood veneered sunglasses and working on her new brick’n’mortar shop alongside her gentleman. Their work ethic is seriously making me swell with envy. Or. At least I hope this swelling is from envy.

Unrelateed but, to round it out, here is my favorite image of late:

I can wish, right?

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