El Bandito.

Check out this rad bandit costume that I designed at work.

While I often contribute ideas and opinions at work, I rarely get to do any straight up design work. So this lil thing was an idea that I tossed out when Kelly and I were driving back from North Hampton, MA. The suit is fashioned from our usual jersey pocketed-playsuit pattern and the bag was a last minute addition that plays to my practical side. You can totally carry your wallet, phone, keys and a couple of loose beers in there. The mask, seemingly simple, was totally based off of the one worn by visionary rap lauriate R. Kelly, as seen here:

Not to be straight up hustlin’ but we have some other tops costumes currently for sale, too. Each one is handmade for you by yours truly and friends and is christened with candy corn. We here in Providence take Halloween very seriously and will do our best to help you bring your “A game” to all Halloween events.

For the record,  I really hate it when people write it out as “Hallowe’en”. Much in the same vein as those who write “Hawai’i”. Being approachable and colloquial is as better than being all smug-ass’d, “technically” correct… says the lady with “SMUG LIFE” tattooed on her toes.

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