Freshly Scented from the Perfume Counter.

So, a few days back, I was floating around Nordstrom’s make up department with the intention of buying a replacement copy of M.A.C.’s “MAC Red”, my favorite yet, most recently lost, shade of red lipstick. I was looking kind of glassy eyed at all the other brands, taking a general survey of items that I had no idea how to use when I became snared by a helpful make up artist who encouraged me to “try on the new eye shadows” at the NARS counter.

Kindly-ish Make Up Artist: “Your skin is dry. What kind of moisturizer do you use on your face?”

Myself: “…”

Kindly-ish Make Up Artist: “… Dear God. Please tell me you use a moisturizer.”

And she was right, despite good moisturization being one of my top intentions of the year, I have really dropped the ball on that. In fact, my daily hygiene routine would probably make all mothers, not just my own, weep. As my friend Matt said to me this summer, “Isn’t it funny that the older I get, the more punk I accidentally become?”

Thus, I am making some self-indulgent fashion and beauty goals for this fall. It will start with better moisturizing but will arch out to include better hair color, keeping my fingernails all one length, and wearing a lot of plummy/berry lip colors. Fashion-wise, I’m getting amped up to wear a lot of black and grey and (p)leather. I’m going to try to be kind of boring but kind of badass in the socially ok’d black-leather-jacket/black-stretch-jeans/black-leather-boots/black-plastic-frame-glasses/lots-of-silver-rings way. A return to form, really. I also just picked up a multi-color and black striped sweater and a silk Oscar de la Renta scarf from Savers and I am anxiously awaiting the onset of the autumn chill so that I can get all duded up in my less-feminine choices. Not that identifying as a “pretty girl” (my humorous/very true, liberal, northeastern, gender identity) isn’t nice and all but I’m ready to swing back into being someone that high school Liz might have thought was at least mildly cool*. I’m doing this for you, teenaged me. Stop rolling your eyes.

*reading too much Rookie Magazine has me zoning out on high school nostalgia SO HARD. No one told me that remembering all the discomfort and ugliness and apathy of those years could make me feel so… yearn-y… for them. Mix tapes. Aimless driving. Being in endless love with dudes who didn’t know I existed while almost exclusively going to school dances with gay dudes who were sometimes also in love with those same, shitty boys. Mmmm. Living in the past.


4 thoughts on “Freshly Scented from the Perfume Counter.

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    That is basically my goal too (the teenage-me), although I suspect we are in a psychic wave of this since I’ve seen 3 bloggers post about making jean jacket vests (myself included). I keep waivering between riot grrrl roots and hair metal roots.

    • With Care says:

      My pal Mallory makes some serious jean jacket vests ( that make me reconsider my kind-of dislike for them. I also love that she encourages folks to make their own before shelling out for hers.

      Riot-hair-metal seems to work well for you. I, on the other, finally kicked my addiction to band shirts, granny skirts, and an A line hair cut only a few years ago. I do still wear my old Le Tigre and Sleater Kinney shirts, though… causing young-uns to wonder just where I bought something like that (the 90s, duh.)

  2. meganwmoore says:

    I’m really glad that you admitted your love of Rookie before I did. I spent about 3 hours on Sunday going over

    Why are you so in my head all the time?

    I stopped washing my hair pretty much. Definitely more punk rock hygiene routine than in high school, where I’m sure I smelled so fresh compared to all those crust punks in the VFW.

    I also have been wearing a lot of cut up tee shirts and combat boots and red lipstick and will soon put the leather jacket back on (if the humidity ever STOPS here), and I always think to myself, “high school you would be so down with this.”

    I’m so glad that our teenage selves knew each other.

    • With Care says:

      Me too, you orange coat wearing girl-o!

      It’s funny cause you probably also would recognize the other lady who commented above you. I think you are both down with the PS Co op and I swear that a photo of Ms. Fragale came up in her photostream, once!

      The world. She is so small. All the time.

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