Casting Around.

It’s happened. I’ve entered into a new realm of self-sufficiency: mold making and casting.

Actually, it’s not totally self-sufficient. I do take my pieces to a local caster to have the molds and pieces made. But it’s within biking distance. So, it’s almost like I’m doing it myself, right?

The best thing about this is that I can now create multiples of old findings that I thought I had rendered extinct. Like those dope victorian-esque frames that you can see, albeit in their naked state, above. Or the ever-lovin’, ever-popular “Lady Medusa” headbands that sold out of earlier in the year. This round is getting a bit of a make over. I cast these ladies in white bronze and I plan on cleaning them up real nice so that they get more of a warm, metal-y patina and less of a Midas-y touched look to them. A little more organic, if you will. They will also be attached to their elastic hair bands thanks to a small crimp- no more sewing (yes! I sigh.)  Don’t worry, they will still possess green rhinestone eyes of envy but in this iteration, the eyes will be slightly larger because bigger is always better. Well… not always. Since I’m now producing the main element of this design myself, there will be a raise in price to account for the a) cost of the cast piece b) cost of the rhinestones, crimps and etcetera c) the time it takes to clean up each piece and set in the eyes. So, expect the price to jump up to somewhere around $30. But maybe a little bit less. I really enjoy having a realistic spread of prices, but I do foresee some pricing adjustments being made in the far off and glorious future. Although, if I wait until say, robot slaves, are a reasonable technology, maybe prices will actually go down. Mmmm… futureworlds.

Also coming up is a small collection of “teddy girl” style clip on ties. Some are just plan for that swell Edwardian-badass-in-the-1950s look will other are deluxe-a-fied with hand-embroidered arrows at the ends. And, while we are on the topic, take a peek at these photos of teddy girls bopping around Londontown in 1955 and then weep because we all know that style that chill is encoded deep in a persons genes and not one of those birds is actually your grandmother. Too bad. So sad.

And, finally, here is a great moment of humility where I show you what my work ethic looks like.

I call this style “hot dog pocket” and it is when you have many things to carry upstairs into your studio but refuse to give into making two trips. So you take the hot dog that you made yourself for dinner and tuck it into your shirt pocket. Voila! Hot dog pocket.


One thought on “Casting Around.

  1. Molly D says:

    the link to the teddy girls photos is awesome. i had no idea this style existed. totally badass.

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