Bow Ties- Again Available.

I was so tempted to make a “bow” pun as the subject line but something stopped me. Perhaps I knew that I would be doing enough punitificating with this post. Ha! Zing!

So yes, here are some bows. They come in some shapes and some colors. Some have embroidery that I did. Some are made from old linens that were embroidered by someones dear aunty in times long ago. I had this hair-brained idea that I was going to have all of my jewelry and all of my bow ties and etceteras photographed and copy written and internet-posted within a time frame that made their autumnal intention relevant. My goal for that was September 1st. It’s October 2nd (as of posting this, OCt 4th). A healthy month behind and I can’t even tell if that is a good or a bad spread of time. I’ve been good and properly busy the last few weeks. Making costumes and wholesale orders at work, making jewelry at home as well as taking a class at Providence foundry-and-learning-space, The Steelyard. I also have the task of making two quilts and maybe a nice dress over the next 11 days. Too many folks getting married and/or popping out babies. Guys, I had almost a year to prepare for this. Next time, could you give me even more notice, please? Obviously, I am not to blame for my incredible sense of sloth and avoidance.How could you even accuse me of such things!

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop actions to help me in the photo editing department. I had been having a small crisis of design, thinking that my images were too “ho-hum” while getting very hung up in looking at other heavily styled product photos. So, in the future I think that I will have some mild styling to certain shots (such as the white bow ties, seen above) but I will mostly keep it white and simple while keeping the post production bright and cool. Any feedback? I sure that it doesn’t suck and everyone is just too embarrassed to even tell me that there is a problem.

That is a really great fear of mine.

Also soon-to-be-available are these dope tie clips. I only have a few of them right now but hopefully they will sell well and it will be viable to make some more.

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2 thoughts on “Bow Ties- Again Available.

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    Lookin’ good! I like it.

  2. With Care says:


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