House Jungle.

Not to be confused with any kind of music that lends itself to the wearing of big pants.

One morning, I woke up in this room. After waking but before the hang over was able to kick into my consciousness, there was a surreal minute of muffled silence as my senses began to whirr back to life and I remember thinking, “Gee. This room is perfect.”

I’ll be forever holding it against myself that these are the only pictures I have of this house. After these two, the camera’s battery died. I assure you though, every other room was just as wonderful and the entire house was handmade by a 1930s communist who didn’t follow any directions but did sculpt a plaster relief of Vladimir Lenin around the main entrance. There was a double glazed window filled with dead bees as one of the walls had become a make shift hive.

I spent my hang over roaming the grounds (extensive!) and, once I was feeling better, my friend and I spent the day rolling around the house, reading each other silly poetry, listening to records, and eating the leftovers from the previous night’s party. He moved away shortly after that and I was never able to get back to take photographs. It’s the one that got away. Hell to care for… but perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Lately, I’ve been really desirous of what I call a “house jungle”. That is, a house filled with plants. Big ones. Over grown ones.

Friends. Lovers. Neighbors. Reformed hoarders. Send me your plants! Big and little! Hanging and floor! Carnivorous and hydroponic! I want them. I need them. I will water them on Mondays and Thursdays.

Our house is a greek revival from 1858 with a Victorian ell added off the back (and humorously gaudy Victorian ornamentation trimming its once classical outside! So silly-looking.) Thus, much of our house is designed to passively hold in warmth or disperse heat. Instead of beautiful plate glass, our windows are small and double hung. Our rooms are small. We have nooks that are quickly becoming oubliettes of ephemera. But the kitchen and the bathroom show promise.

I don’t think that the landlord would be too into me turning the bathtub into a water garden.

I picked up these two bad boys one morning from my neighbor’s yard sale. She had many more, but I chose the two largest ones.

They’ve been growing very quickly since then. It’s very exciting!

All images from various parts of the internet.

House plants.

Give them to me.

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6 thoughts on “House Jungle.

  1. Molly D says:

    I wish I could have seen that Lenin relief! I am very pro-houseplants. I have somewhere around 30 in my living room. I would love to send you creeper vine clippings! But how?

    I’ve always been super attracted to Victorian houses because of all the extra random rooms they usually have — I highly doubt many of your modern track houses have built in sun rooms and atriums and the like, which give a house a much-needed feel of mystery (if you ask me). For some reason the house in Jumangi just randomly popped into my head. Here in California the oldest our houses usually go are around 1905 due to earthquakes and whatnot. Sometimes your posts make me feel like I need to be on the east coast, but I am highly skeptical that I would be able to survive real seasons.

    Thank you for your comment on my MCMM post yesterday! Obviously I wasn’t thinking outside of the box enough. I am intrigued by the questionable jello recipes!! I kind of feel like the 70s are just a little outside of the midcentury bubble, though – thoughts?


    • With Care says:

      No problem, Molly. I’ve spent, like, too much time over the course of my life thinking about mid century stuff and buildings and mid century buildings. Here a little taste of my geekdom, made eternal:

      That is what I did with my prom weekend.

      I think that some 70s stuff would be a little too off topic unless you are able to tie it in with how it developed since the 50s or 60s. Jello joys would still count though. I believe the idea that ham suspended in gelatin was at least popularized in 50s/60s. Thank goodness it was depopularized.

  2. Other Liz says:

    I have some of these very same images saved in my house inspiration folder! Let’s do a plant clipping trade. Especially if you have begonias. Give me your begonias!

  3. jorjiapeach says:

    yessss. so awesome. i want a house jungle now. so pretty.

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