Stop Looking at Me, Swan.

Did I tell you about these choice head pieces that are listed in the shop?

Because they are totally choice.

And they are totally for sale.

I made these out of a great set of belt closures, the kind that cap off each end of a belt that is, actually, just a pretty long piece of wide elastic. They are stamped brass and hinged in the middle- making them super comfy! I can wear mine all day. Currently, there is only a listing for the antiqued silver design that is shown above, but I also have an antiqued gold version that I just need to snap some photos of. It’s hard to take a picture of the top of your own head, you know? In that spirit, here’s a poor-quality sneek-peek of the gold version:

Also making a come back are the Lady Medusa headbands. Hurray!

This new version is cast out of white bronze and has a really nice gold-y, green-y color to it. No more of that harsh, yellow plating. These are way more organic in appearance and are also more sturdy to hold. The eyes are larger and lighter so that their detail can be seen from farther away. The bands are made from a softer woven elastic and are held in place with small, matching crimps instead of being sewn. I’m pretty happy with these guys! Maybe the best part is that, now that I have the mold made, I will never run out again. “Rah” for a sustainable practice!

Also, if you are a person who is looking at the above picture and wondering why my hair looks blue, that is because it now is blue. And it looks fabulous.

I guess that phase isn’t over after all, Mom.

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4 thoughts on “Stop Looking at Me, Swan.

  1. Other Liz says:

    Yay! Your hair is so good!

  2. i can and will attest that the hair looks super awesome in person.

  3. mom says:

    I don’t remember…was blue before or after green? xo

  4. With Care says:

    Thanks, dudettes!

    And mom, I believe it went blond>green>blue>red

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