Medium-sized news, guys!

Actually, it isn’t even new news. I just haven’t mentioned it to anyone because I wanted pictures and proof for posting and positivity.

Over the summer I was invited to exhibit in the One Way Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that is based out of Narragansett, RI with a second location in the heart of Providence. As I said, I decided to play it cool about this until I could snap some photos or until they updated their website (still waiting on that one.)

Originally, I have expected to have my stuff exhibited only in the ‘Gansett gallery- in addition to my tattoo dress, I was also showing some needle work and jewelry pieces and my contract with Queen of Hearts keeps me from exhibiting any of the With Care stuff in other downtown PVD locals. So, I was pretty charmed the day that I stepped out of the Small Point Cafe, took a big swig of my coffee and then looked up to see the ol Weekender staring back at me through the gallery’s front window.

I’m pretty happy about this. Maybe, someday, someone will even buy it.

And, on the self promotion tip, if you are around the PVD area and looking to buy some gifties for your love-ed or like-ed one, my With Care jewelry line is carried in town by Queen of Hearts/Modern Love in the 02903, Rocket to Mars in the 02909, and via Lizzy at Second Time Around in the 02906. If you are in the heartland of the country, specifically Indiana, specifically New Albany, With Care can be found at the magical Dandy Lion shop. Here’s looking towards next years and even more avenues of the commercial participation!

Otherwise, life has been all Halloween, hanging out with friends, snuggling the dog (who is now 4 years old!) and eating lots of food. Seriously. My friend, Melissa, came up from the lands of New Jersey this past Friday and we declared it “Decadence Weekend”. We brunched at Loie Fuller’s (beignets!) and the Liberty Elm Diner (chocolate chip and tasty local bacon pancakes!) and we dinnered at Julian’s, Chez Pascal, and Trinity! We went to New England Demo and Salvage where I bought a sweet work stool and to Circa, the world’s least overwhelming vintage clothing store. I bought some wool Navy-issue drop front pants, a souvenir Newport t shirt featuring Snoopy (in that great late 70s, early 80s light blue color. You know the shade that I mean) and a “Wilroy Traveler” mini dress that has cats printed all over it. We saw Slim Cessna’s Auto Club play on Sunday night and they are still one of the best live acts I’ve seen. If you like baptist tent shows with a hearty undertone of repressed homosexuality, that is. (And I do!) Also, acts of musicianship and a double guitar with a lenticular pick guard.

Dave and I attended a very magical wedding at the local botanical garden, right before Halloween. Giant tropical plants in a huge glass greenhouse on a clear autumn night. It was a pretty wild aesthetic. I have never felt more grown up. This is us, running late as usual:

Invite us to your wedding, please. Especially if it is held at the botanical garden!

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One thought on “Representation.

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you again! I altered my dress and sent it off to the cleaners for a proper dress

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