Finally, A Time to Talk About Halloween.

Halloween in Providence is a big deal.


No Halloween themed anything that I have been to has ever been as impressive as the local Halloween parties that I have been to in the last six years. I’ve been almost crushed by giant puppets at the Village Halloween parade and marched in the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC dressed in head-to-toe white. I also spent many years marching down Main St, Toms River, NJ and, I have to admit, with the haze of nostalgia clouding my vision, those were some pretty fun nights.

But nothing, so far, has compared with glorious anarchy of a PVD Halloween. What I have always loved about this place was the linear movement of “dream it” to “do it”. For a small place, there is a lot of actualization, often coupled with excellent workmanship. Despite being insular and fairly non-competitive, you really need to bring your A-game. Thanks to the American Industrial Revolution, there are still a good variety of large warehouse spaces that are, for one night, turned into multilevel parties. In years past, I’ve seen small coffee nooks, make shift theaters, a multiple-story fun house made from trash with built-in hidey holes for discreet make outs, a stage made to look like a giant cow skull that opened and closed with the pull of a rope, a wrestling ring, a room of breakables that existed only to be smashed (!), a floor of crazy home-made skateboards and wacky ramps to ride them up, and a blood-soaked haunted house/maze that took up an entire floor of a large, large warehouse space. Pretty much, Halloween in Providence is a fire inspector’s nightmare (plus, booze, bands, and staying up really, really late.)

This year, I went as a Virgin Mary statue. But, to keep it in the theme of the season, I was a “Virgin Mary Statue Crying Blood“.

(Stigmata thrown in for extra effect.)

Posing with our neighbors’ creepy, handless statue.

A good close-up of the halo.

I was pretty happy with how well this costume came together! I might even draw out a little tutorial of how to make your own Virgin Mary statue costume. My only regrets (not in life. just as far as this costume was concerned) were that I didn’t realize that my white tights were too shredded to wear and that I didn’t invest in a long, white skirt. In execution, however, this worked to my benefit because any long skirt would have been difficult to maneuver around in. Toting around all of that flowing lace was a little tricky, but a long skirt would have added another level of potential disaster.

And, since group costumes are for suckers, Dylan reinvestigated his ever-exceptional waiter costume:

And Lola went as the embodiment of Autumn in dress decked out with 3-d velveteen leaves and a kite tangled in her hair.

The sign board was a last minute addition taken from Dave’s Halloween costume of yesteryear. This year, he went as the fire inspector. I think a few people were even fooled.


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