Freshman year of high school, my parents bought me a shiny, new pair of black, 8 hole Doc Martens- essentially announcing to the world that I was ready to be really, really cool. Along with this purchase came my father’s military-born instructions for how to care for such a precious item of status and quality: “A little water. A little polish. A lot of rubbing”

In lieu of having your own father sit down and teach you this point of pride, this informative graphic does a fine job. Thanks to the blog The Art of Manliness  for entering into my radar tonight. There is a lot of useful stuff on there!

 I once had an awful boyfriend who would comment, with some disdain, that due to my independence and interests I classified as being “barely a female”.  At the time, something didn’t allow me to understand how enraging I found that comment to be but I never once let such a small mind make me second guess the things that I liked, loved, or enjoyed. And so, to wit, shoe polishing remains one of my favorite wardrobe chores. Twice a year, I’ll set aside a night, take out all of my leather shoes, and sit at the kitchen table- polishing the night away and feeling flush with pride.


3 thoughts on “Shiners.

  1. jorjiapeach says:

    you’re so hardcore. i’m impressed.

  2. […] ray. The Art of Manliness has released another infogram about shoe care. I was so chuffed by their shoe polishing entry so you can imagine that my fastidious lil heart is swelled up to three times its size. […]

  3. […] And thus, very easily marketed to. […]

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