Nighttime Neighbors.

Enough has been committed to North American culture regarding how well New England wears the colors of autumn. However, all those beautiful reds and yellows take on an electric and otherworldly glow in the middle of the night.

Nighttime photography might rate up there with “high school surrealism” as far as used, abused, and unenjoyable avenues of artistic expression.

Too bad for you.

I’m currently writing this from my friend‘s wonderful (and so tastefully decorated) apartment in Red Hook, Brooklyn. For as much hate as I heap on New York City, I’m really enjoying what Red Hook has become. When I was last here, over 6 years ago now(!), it was empty and scary. Now, it is quiet and lovely and old. Since it is serviced by one bus line and on the water, it has a a great “edge of the void” vibe that I loved/love so much about Providence. Everyone knows each other and lives in the neighborhood. Everything is walkable and well kept. Also, there are tons of fabricators and workshops around here! And so many nice, old bikes. And well-made, strong cocktails. I was going to take a trip to the botanical garden today but neglected that most museums are closed on Mondays. Instead, I walked around the neighborhood, read a bit, and worked on the ol’ computer in the nicely slanting sunlight. Wonderfully relaxing and vacation-y.

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