Gettin’ It Done.

Good news?

The good news is that the With Care empire embraces Manifest Destiny and has already moved some of its wears to the other coast of this pretty alright nation!

What I mean to say is:

I’m very happy, pleased, and chuffed to announce that With Care-ables will now be sold at the intriguing, exciting, and enthralling Tumbleweeds Odd Shop of San Diego, CA. It is just one of the many things that super-talented duo Beca and Doug are responsible for. Another thing that they are doin’ it well on? This ridiciulously amazing sun glasses series:

which features professionally set wood (actual wood!) veneer of, literally, many stripes. I love glasses and I am particularly enthused about these. Eye glass frames are probably my most expensive and regular financial indulgence (with bicycle gear coming in a close second and gaining) and these have certainly made it onto my “fill with prescription” list. The most difficult part is choosing which pair I like the most.

Speaking of the vision-times, I made my twice-yearly pilgrimage to Providence Optical today. Not only can expect one new and one good-as-new set of glasses waiting for me next week, but I finally brought by the first-ever pair of vintage glasses that I bought. I had purchased them at least 4 years ago and had them filled before realizing that the fit problems were not something that I could easily fit myself. Today, it took all of 2 minutes in their able, detail-oriented hands to bring the ol’ gals back into proper shape. Thanks, Providence Optical!

(the little silver blobs in the corner are two stars where the hinges are bolted in. Not sure if this is typical of the Victory brand eye glasses of the era but, a detail with just the level of whimsy that I can get behind.)

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One thought on “Gettin’ It Done.

  1. Charlie says:


    ArtCraft made for Bauch & Lomb their version of ArtCraft Opticals “Clubman” frame. B&L called it the Club Master.
    Artcraft created the Leading Lady for women and Clubman both of which proceeded B&L frame division.
    The leading lady was created by ArtCraft for women and was the first in women’s style combination frame.

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