Travel Times, New Times, New Things.

Holy crap. So, after that last post about how to make a sock monkey, I received a small note from Mr. J Linderman himself who stated in agreement that I am, in fact, “a classy broad”. If it were in a non-electronic form, I would pin it above my desk and sigh because Mr. J.L. is a folk archivist dreamboat.


Now that’s a reference to put on the resume.

But speaking of ephemera from a century just past, I was at my crazy-huge-neato supply palace on Monday and I innocently opened up a box to find these guys: a whole bunch of stamped shields in six “new” designs!

The gang's all here.

I do love tiny things and these little friends are pretty close to perfection. I’ve yet to find much information as to who produced them and when but, from what I have seen of them in antique malls and flea markets, it seems that the crest goes into a shield-like setting and the setting gets attached to… what have you. Sometimes, I see them simply set as charms but other times they emblazon some other souvenir-type gifty- such as a poker chip holder that was marked with one from Las Vegas.

I had wanted to photograph them on a map (trite. I know.) but it somehow seems like we don’t have any world maps on hand. Instead, I lined them up on the cover of my 1939 Official Guide Book. That’s almost like a map of the world… a map of the corporately-imagined world of tomorrow. Deliver us from all evil, Westinghouse!

Speaking of world travel, I’ve had the opportunity to go out a bit and collect fun times and new things.

The first new thing of note comes from my friend Hannah, whom I stayed with in Brooklyn a couple days before Thanksgiving. Her boyfriend is very talented artist dude who works mainly in the medium of, you better believe it, cut vinyl stickers. His gallery work is way more impressive than this but there were sheets and sheets of these little guys floating all over her house. I’ve never been one to plaster my crap with stickers but I couldn’t resist once I realized that I could use the Apple insignia to make the cross on the coffin glow all blue-ish and pulsing.

Also in the realm of “Getting Things”, Dave and I finally took a long awaited trip to Lowell, MA: Crack Rock City and my Teenage Heart of Darkness. We kept our travel plan simple.

1. RRRecords.

2. Food.

We accomplished both but both were hard-fought. RRRecords (pronounced as it sounds) is compact, extensive, well-priced and delightfully staffed. It was difficult to not spend forever in there as well as to not bring home more things than we really have room for. After an hour or so of myopic concentration and small muscle movements, we burst onto the street only to be met with the local Winter Wonderland parade. Yikes! We had to wade through strollers, more strollers, and so many bored teenagers acting like they didn’t care about Christmas before we could find some sort of edible/ place to wash the record dust off of our hands. First world problems, amirite?

I’m really happy with my four purchases, Ultravox- Ultravox, Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark- Organisation, Gary Numan and Tubeway Army- Replicas and Sisters of Mercy- Floodland. Lola tells a great story about Floodland:

“4. here’s a story that i feel requires no personal knowledge of any of the participants to enjoy. my friend liz once woke up at her friend’s ben’s house in new jersey and walked down the stairs to find him in the kitchen, frying eggs while hula hooping to “Dominion/Mother Russia

Which is mostly true except for the finer details.

Anyway, a few years ago, Dave laid before me this old, portable turntable so that I could finally play all 11 or so of my 78s again. A few weeks ago, I finally dragged it out of the closet where it was resting (very peacefully) and into my studio so that I could really up the ante on how seriously I took myself. I spent a bunch of time listening to Eno/Byrne’s  My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and The Gun Club’s Miami while furrowing my brow. Seems like I take myself pretty darn seriously.

The capstone fun-time-that-resulted-in-new-things, however, was this past weekend’s trip to Danielson, CT- home of a large concentration of white supremacists, inbreds (these facts are probably related. Pun!), and Logee’s greenhouse (probably not related at all). Begun in 1892, Logee’s is awesome! And expansive! And amazing! But hard to photograph.

via the blog of Mimi Kirchner


Rumor has it that there is an orange tree that, over the years, has had a number of different varieties of orange trees grafted to it. Thus, it is one, giant, super-orange tree that grows different varieties of tasty oranges ALL OUT OF THE SAME PLANT! They are playing God and I am totally okay with it. The greenhouse is half retail and half jaw-dropping botanical display. After two hours of perusal, I had a rough time narrowing down my purchases- which included a Black Jewel Orchid:

and a Staghorn Fern:

Which, along with my own corporeal frame, I will try to not destroy through my rampant ignorance and negligence.

Here’s hoping.


One thought on “Travel Times, New Times, New Things.

  1. Molly D says:

    Oh dear you have Tennessee and San Francisco shields now. The place where I live and the place where I want to live… I wish you made something with both 😀

    Good luck with that huge fern! It’s gorgeous!

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