Welcome, New Year.

Welcome, 2012!

Please, be good to us.

But first, some 2011 business:

One: some treats picked up in Western, CT. Slim study books with dreamy colors and a plastic anchor buckle.

Two: some teeny vials. Seriously. Teeeeeensy.

Three: I discovered one of my new favorite stores, Summerhouse, in Point Pleasant, NJ.

If my studio had a lineage, I think that Summerhouse might be its mother. (An old timer’s garage would be its father.) Point Pleasant has many vintage and curio shops but they almost always skew towards the “shabby chic” vibe that reared its round-aboutly cute head in the 90s. Summerhouse is probably in some interior design vein of that but… wow. It really is a place that is impeccable. I could feel the curatorial eye in the best way possible. The owner allows all of her wares some room to breathe. No effin’ ’round here. Finally, a beautiful wooden spool is allowed to just sit on a (similarly beautiful, old, metal) shelf, being a beautiful old thing of integrity without having some crazy jerk decoupaging an inspirational saying onto it.

So yes, pristine, historic, minimalist aesthetic married with religious icons, a very, very impressive collection of old fixtures and display units and peppered with just enough French items to feel rarefied. And you can touch everything. And most everything is for sale. And the prices are really good.

Fouthly: Obviously this-was-the-place because I found this box of silk military ribbons just waiting to come home with me. Other treasures included 2 tiny American flags (made in Japan), little spoons, a ceramic “e”, Virgin Marys and a scapular because, well, why not? If you are going to love Catholicism, you might as well live your love. (In addition to this, my new favorite scents are frankincense and myrrh, so in addition to being arrayed like I could be struck down by the divine power of God, I also smell like a funeral. Ecclesiaste not ecdysiast, friend.)

What I failed to notice until I arrived back in RI was that the box came from only a mile or two away from where I was currently standing. Hurray!

Now for the 2012 stuff.

Last year, I had a long list of intentions to parade before you, the court. I think that I did a fair deal at tackling them. In fact, I even went out today and bought a nice night cream. Because I care about hydration, fine lines, and wrinkles. I also kept up my PMA (except for when I didn’t) and I read all of the books on my nightstand as they appeared in this photo from 1/1/11.

This year, I’m going to try and get better about working out and exercising on my own. I’m very good about it when I have to be accountable to others (like the Co-ed Fight Club for Girls Wednesday work out group) but I’m really shitty at it when I only have myself to disappoint. Truthfully, this is really just a microcosm of the rest of my life. No denial here!

My second intention for this year is to learn how to take a compliment. It’s hard! I can get very awkward! Sometimes, it has been pointed out, I will end up saying something inadvertently mean. That is a shame because I wish to be only overtly mean.

Also of import in 2012 are these:

Dig on these great little trinkets, they might be my last update for a while.

Not that With Care is going away. Hardly! But I do plan on making good on my threats of “upping my game” and, to do so, I’m going to have to reduce my efforts in certain areas. Like, rapid product development. But rest assured that, by the end of this year, I really want to have a true “line” with handsome jewels and accessories that are both good looking and well constructed from quality materials. I want to fine tune my photo style (with slightly more stylized photos, as some of the above are hinting at) and develop a press kit and a website and all of that good stuff. I might not want With Care to be my main source of income but, I do want it to be my main source of infamy.

Thank you for helping my past year be “good”, friends. Here’s to a new year that ends even better.

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