More Changes.

Also, I swear that this is the last time that I change those snakey headbands… at least for now!

I swapped out the lighter crystal eyes for smaller, darker green ones. That’s all. It’s a small detail but, hey, sometimes it’s the little things that keep you up at night.

I love the green but I’ve been considering making versions with different colored gems. Like red and purple. Does that make sense? Green just seems so logical…

And, while we’re on the topic, please!, send in any photos you may have taken of you or your friends modeling this or any other With Care joolz! I’d love to post them up here as well as on the Faceypage. Now’s your chance! Get internet-famous!


2 thoughts on “More Changes.

  1. Victorian doll house albums! Wow, i find that so intriguing. I have been searching a bit on the internet too to find info bout this, but there is very little information there. I want to know more about this! Your professor seems to have had a glorious collection… I don´t know him of course but he seems to me like a person with some wonderful hobbies… so many people in academia are just into boring academic text books, compared to them your professor seems to me like a bit of an eccentric, which for me is a good thing…

    • With Care says:

      Yes! I wish that I had kept in better touch with some of my professors. I went to a public college and, while some of it was not so good, my major was very small. Small enough that the people I went to classes with were the same people I lived and hung out with, faculty included. It was very immersive in a way that I only kind of appreciated at the time. Now, I realize how lucky I was. The last two years were like a really great mentorship instead of a bunch of classes and I learned a lot about how to think critically about what I was doing. If I could time travel, I would spend one more night in the back room of the local bar, arguing with one of my professors. He would never admit defeat outright but when you put up a really good argument, he would just turn to the bartender and order you one of whatever he was drinking.

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