Sometimes, Dancing on a Table is All the Validity You Need.

At work, we joke that “You don’t pay models in cash. You pay them in validation.” Little did I understand that grain of truth until I actually donned the garb. This Friday, I spent the night modeling a dress that should have been made in 1992, paired with a jacket that looked like it was made from a disco ball and, to top it off, I was all made up to look like the intersection between Traci Lords in Crybaby and Stormer from Jem and the Holograms.

I looked like a total babe. And I felt fabulous.

I felt so good that I wanted the internet to know just how good I felt.

Here’s some context:

can I be you when I grow up, mystery woman?

The next night, I went out to see a friend of mine try to beat Olneyville New York System hot wiener-eating record– while dressed in full drag. Sadly, he fell 3 hot wieners short of victory but, it still doesn’t change the notion that clothing can sometimes be a very powerful thing. Even if you have to unzip it around wiener number 9 to allow for more room.

Lately, in addition to Worn, I’ve been reading The Blind Hem and The Ironing Board Collective: two blogs that look at what we wear and why we wear it. TBH is new and little on the touchy/feely tip but IBC has been around for a year and is always pretty spot-on. But maybe I’m biased because their panel is loaded with friends, neighbors, at least one of my favorite non-fiction folk (Alix Lambert whose movie Mark of Cain/ companion book Russian Prison Tattoos:Codes of Authority, Domination, and Struggle was never far from my hands in college). I only with their archive was easier to search. So addicting that you’ll be “one more article”-ing until way past your bedtime.


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