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Still here and still queer on the living room couch. I’ve watched my videos and crammed lots of food into my gaping maw (seriously, being sick makes me really ravenous) but the real MVP of this experience has been my precious hot water bottle. If you don’t have prior water bottle experiences, you are missing out, kid. Before I became a proud owner and user, I have to admit, I found the iconic red hot water bottle to be kind of gross and creepy. I take it back. This thing warms my bed at night, lays on my gut at least once a month, and sometimes, when I am feeling luxurious,  I pin it between my back and my chair and let my shoulder muscles get all relaxed and jelly-like. But if it is luxury, it is the easiest luxury in the world. First off, these things are pretty cheap. I got mine for about 8 bucks at an antique store and it came in a pretty groovy box. However, you can buy new ones at your local hot water bottle dealer or via the limitless garden that is the internet. Second, it’s damn easy to use. Just heat up some water in your regular, standard issue, kitchen kettle and pour it into that sucker. Then sit down and watch a Young Ones marathon or something. Oh yeah!

Due to all this therapeutic lounging, I’ve been having a lot of brilliant ideas but I posses little to no of the fortitude needed to a enact them. My one crazy idea is that I want to get rid of a bag of clothes that has been sitting at the bottom of my bed for months now. Normally, I’d just shove em down the Salvation Army chute but first I’d like to open the floor to see if any of y’alls would like some of the better stuff. Internet yard sale time!!! I post images of the clothes, list some basic info and measurements, and name a small price. You tell me what you want (first come, first serve basis), pay me the balance via paypal and wait patiently for your items to arrive. Does that sound easy and appealing? Naturally, you’ll be paying for shipping (flat rate, priority) but I promise that will be the majority of the financial burden. Nothing over $10. No Forever 21 crap. Promise.

I’ll probably do this late on Sunday or Monday. Yay or nay? Let a sinus’d out sister know.

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  2. Sara says:

    Thank you Elizabeth! I like the horse-shoe and clover too. It´s the kind of early 20th century picture that people collected and put into scrapbooks. I´m really looking forward to receiving the Red Cross-brooch I bought from you! There is something special about old-fashioned Red Cross-things. Recently my mum was looking through her things and then she found an old little 1950´s doll with a Red cross- uniform. She had won the doll in a magazine drawing competition when she was a child. I felt that this was a sign that I had to get the Red cross brooch! So on the same day I had to buy the brooch from you. And now all kinds of old Red cross things are coming into my life, for instance in the my favourite antique shop I just noticed that they were selling a lovely old photograph album with pictures of Red Cross-nurses

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