A Note and Etc.

Hey! Thanks for making the LNIIYS (Liz Novak’s International Internet Yard Sale) a pretty good success. I’m pleased. I’m chuffed. I’m pretty dang happy. There are still some things left to move. Originally, I was going to leave this as an open-ended option but I soon realized that I don’t want to hold onto extra stuff in the off-chance that someone from the internet might want to have it. So, instead, I’ll leave the sale up for one more week before committing it to the annals of history. Packages will be going out Monday morning.

Spring cleaning is well under way in our house. I reached a bit of an impasse on Thursday night. I was sitting at my bench, soldering things to other things and decided that I needed one of our small fans for ventilation. I couldn’t find one upstairs so I went to our closet/crawlspace/under eave area to retrieve it. Surely, it must be there. Guys, I couldn’t even get through the door. There was so much stuff. I called Dave. I pitched a fit. I cried gross, big tears and my running make up burned my eyes.

A few years back, a friend of mine asked me a question that I am still revising the answer to: “Do creative people have better relationships?” Yes or No aside, having a partner who also is able to see the boundless potential in things can be a real hazard. Not that norms don’t fall prey to, “This might be useful…someday.” but when you a maker or do-er, it’s like being given an extra pass to hold onto lots or card board or neon paper scraps because, yes, you actually CAN use them… someday. But my spirit has had enough of “someday”. “Someday” can go screw because, goddamnit, I’m miserable now.

Today, we gave the closet a cleaning. It’s not perfect (yet!) but now, instead of just simply being able to enter it, you could even go as far as lay down in it. Guest room! We threw out so many boxes of garbage. So many. SO MANY. We even found some pretty cool stuff that we didn’t know that we had.

Dave gives us his best "One Guy. One Vintage Tube Amp" a la Portlandia

Seriously. How could you forget about this little number?

"Music Sucks". Yes, it does.

Here’s to future of more purging and less binging.

Oh. I did buy this Michael Jackson cross stitch kit today at Savers. The road to recovery is long, friends.


2 thoughts on “A Note and Etc.

  1. missbats says:

    I started my spring cleaning too. I’m giving some of my worn out clothes to Tony, my friend the make-up artist, for the statues at Fright Fest. And I listed a bunch of books on Amazon.

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