I Wear Clothes.

Sometimes, I wear clothes. Sometimes, I don’t. It’s best not to get these two worlds too mixed up, especially when pictures are involved.

Why should fashion bloggers have all the fun? This is what I wore to go out with my lady friends on Friday night. With exception to the skirt, it’s what I wore to spend all day working with my lady friends, too.

-My boots are from Bass.com and I once wrote about them here. I did change into some black boots after this picture was taken, however. -The tights I borrowed from Kelly on my birthday. She’ll get them back, eventually. -My skirt is from the Harbor House Resale shop in Toms River, NJ. It’s wool and I wiggle when I walk in it. -My top is from the Waste Not, Want Not resale store, formerly of downtown Providence, RI.

My earrings are a sample from I’m Your Present. The retail pairs are smaller and in different colors. Your life will be much better if you just buy some. My glasses are old American Optical safety glasses that I bought off of Etsy.

The hand ring is by Blood Milk and the oval ring is from my mother. I like big rings but my hands are so small that a few can easily become too much.

Not featured but still important is my new tattoo (sorry, mom!) It says “Good Grief” and was done by my friend Josh. We worked together for a few years and I remember him spending many hours drawing up tattoo ideas instead of doing his job. You’ve come a long way, kid. Also new is my bicep muscle. I’m pretty smitten with that little guy.

Fun times forever. Seriousness never.


2 thoughts on “I Wear Clothes.

  1. Beca says:

    You are gorgeous!! and I am head over heels in love with that tattoo. Seriously, no joke. I want to steal it and have it on my inner arm too. but i want mine to say charlie brown underneath it. i kind of dont ever want to get tattooed ever again, but if I do, girl, im stealing it. haha. seriously though, gorgeous! you own your style and your work reflects you. I love it!

    • With Care says:

      Thanks, lady! If there were skin swapping technology that was affordable, I would totally let you wear this one if you would send me up your “Bless This Mess” tattoo for me to wear for a few weeks.

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