I’m Your Package.

I sat down to crank out some more boxes with my new stamper but ended up doing a small redesign.

Previously, the boxes had stamps applied directly to them or they were wrapped with a brown paper box band that was stamped with the same inventory. Both of these were kind of a pain because the box bands required an extra step (as well as fumbling around, looking for tape) and could be easily lost. Stamping directly on the box looks good… except for when it doesn’t. And messing up one box a little bit takes it out of commission- no second chances.

So I started stamping out sheets of what are, essentially, inventory stickers. I think that they add a really nice dimension to the design and that they marry the best of direct printing with a secondary box band. And it was a pretty fun thing to do while I sat around watching I Love You, Phillip Morris, which was a firmly good movie choice (I’m not a big movie person. And I really hate movies that call themselves “films”. I also strongly dislike “fiction” and “novels”. Sense a pattern?)

and your moment of edification, what I wore today:

Boots: Steve Madden from Macy’s, Toms River, NJ –  Tights: Assets micro fishnets that come all the way up to under my bust (like good tights should) from Target, Warwick, RI- Dress: a nightgown from Savers, PVD, RI – Shirt: Old Navy from Waste Not, Want Not thrift shop, Downtown PVD, RI – One atrocious curl from a hair curling experiment gone sour.

I like how Jesse does this so I’m stealing it from her. I wore this to:

– eat brunch at the diner like Dave and I do every Sunday. The only thing more constant in my life is the neighbor who practices his trumpet at 6pm everyday.

– go food shopping and to Lowes for scraping supplies.

– sew a lapped, hand-picked zipper in a dress that I am making FOR MYSELF!

-make all those aforementioned boxes.

-eat too much New England Clam Chowder from Venda Ravioli. Viva!


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