Able Friends Doing All Sorts of Things.

My friend Hannah is terrifically able. Like, everything that she does, she does really well.

Now, she is making a series of videos to go along with her foodie/cocktail blog, Sweets and Bitters. Because I’m a bit of a lush, I chose her “how to mix a drink” video. Just watch it. You’ll like it.

Also in the news, my able friend, Lola, went to the Lizzie Borden House for Valentine’s Day and all she and her girlfriend got were feelings so creepy that they had to stay at our house instead. But they went back for breakfast. And then wrote about it for Vice magazine. And now, you can be more like me and ask Lola for free medical advice. Bless you, internet.

And now, here’s the part where I wear clothes so that I can:

-go to work.

– get home early and spend that extra time just dicking around.

Boots from Macy’s of Toms River, NJ | tights from, uh… somewhere. They have to have come from somewhere | Teensy black mini skirt by me for I’m Your Present | T-shirt from Pretty Snake | Track jacket, straight from the early 2000s from Old Navy of TR, NJ| Cotton Woolrich scarf from Saver’s of Providence, RI.

In my classically subtle manner, the back of this (early aughts hipster) jacket has a Bauhaus back patch. Jake Eichten, are you wondering what happened to your favorite shirt after we broke up? Now you know.

This is the t shirt that you didn’t really get to see. It’s from my friend Joe‘s line, Pretty Snake, and features some burning witches as an all-over print. A total crowd pleaser. I’m always receiving compliments on this shirt… which I take as evidence that people are rarely paying attention very closely.

He also knits crazy, photo-realistic ponchos… among other things.

2 thoughts on “Able Friends Doing All Sorts of Things.

  1. meganwmoore says:

    Those gams!

    Also, please come down here and introduce me to your fabulous pink-chicken having Brooklynite friend.

  2. lola says:

    yayyyy thank you liz
    only through you and dave’s inn at bethlehem kindness was i able to get even a wink. a wink!

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