Swedish Hasbeens Spring/Summer 2012 (paranthetically speaking).

Image from swedishhasbeens.com

Maybe I am way behind on this thing but, the new look book for the Swedish Hasbeens S/S 2012 line? Holy. Moly. Muted colors, smoke machines, side parts, men in shorts, a vague 1930s sensibility, a stately gymnasium, and no smiles? Please, I wish I had this in print so I could flip through it every few months, tilt my head, and sigh. I’m not a huge look book person (and maybe I should be since I do, er, work in the fashion industry. Or. I work in some parallel universe fashion industry where clothes come in every size and it’s okay to feel good about yourself.) but SH have really killed it with their last few look books (the F/W12 one reminds me of late 90s Diesel ads in the best way. The ones where the models were painted up to look like mannequins……. anyone? Anyone?)

I highly recommend taking a brief peek at their page and even going as far as watching the video. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something that gives me such an “ah ha!” moment and is also contained solely on the internet. For reference, the above picture isn’t really all that indicative of the overall aesthetic. Rather, I chose it because, when it comes to working out (a thing I like to do), I really get a gas out of wearing non-work out clothes. I just bought my first pair of “real” sneakers in January. I’d rather just wear a nice slip and some good hose (ASSETS: They Go Up To Your Tits- thank you, Megan W. Moore!). I’ve gone jogging in boots (it was good enough for the military.) Come this summer: bathing suits (or maybe I’ll invest in a multi-pocketed running romper. A true “speedsuit“.)


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