Glamor shots with my display hands from a few weeks back.

Vintage plaid top from Savers, Attleboro, MA|”Grasshoppers” brand sneaker-y thing from Savers, Warwick, RI| Glorious Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans from, oh, any secondhand store ever.

This is pre-taking-them-in. GVs make from great “skinny jeans” because they have that fashionably high rise, a slightly stretchy-yet-durable material, and come in an array of colors. And they can be had for around 5 bucks. Sadly, these don’t stretch back as easily as that cheap-o stretch twill that Urban Outfitters and the like uses. You will have to wash them more often or just deal with saggy knees and butts. Maybe we are long over due for a tutorial on the punk rock skill of pants pegging? Or does everyone know how that works?


3 thoughts on “Handsy.

  1. jesse.anne.o says:

    Hey girl. It looks like we could be solving Red Trailer mysteries together. (I hope this happens someday.)

    I vote for tute on pegging. I have seen some people merely roll and call it pegging and the world needs to be set straight.

    • With Care says:

      I was always more Nancy Drew but I can get down on some Trixie, for sure! Someday, we should get together and solve the mystery of “How Many People We Both Know Yet We’ve Never Encountered Each Other.”

      I’ll start searching for the perfect pair of GVs for the world’s first G rated pegging tutorial.

  2. jorjiapeach says:

    man, you’re cool.

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