Oh Snaps.

Two weeks back, I finally, finally invested in a new phone and new phone plan. Even though I bought the cheapest phone that was offered, I must admit that I am pretty impressed with the picture quality of its camera. Some on-the-go snaps from the last few days:

Made a bunch of fanny packs at work. Spent the rest of the night making new names for them (Crotch Capsule! Hiney Holder! Butt Box! Twat Tote!)

A magical trip to the business supply surplus warehouse down the street.

Jess and I went to Tiverton, R.I. to eat sandwiches at Provender, ice cream at Gray’s, and to walk on the misty beaches.

This week has been tiring. In addition to I’m Your Present work and With Care work, Dave and I have welcomed into our fold a new roommate, a friend of ours finishing up his master’s thesis. It’s so nice to have a fun friend around the house but I have to keep in mind the need to balance work and general good practices with the desire to sit around the kitchen table drinking cocktails and eating take-out. In addition to that, I can’t tell if my allergies have shifted how they manifest or if I just have a low-level chest cold. I’m coughing and gross and always feeling just slightly tired and slightly sore. So instead of going out, I’m at home for the night. I’ll probably shoot some photos in the old light box studio, watch an episode of “The Supersizers…” and hit the sack. Mmm… Saturday…

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