Remember a few weeks ago when I was asking for postcard selection advice?

I don’t know if I let loose that I was all about selection number one while everyone else was all about selection number two. Well, I bought both designs of cards and it turns out that selection number two turned out PERFECT. So. Turns y’all know what I’m doing better than I do. So. Here are the keys to place, it’s yours. Just shut the lights off after you leave. I’m going on vacation to the Carabeeno (as Mrs. Slocomb says.)

The mostly white cards actually came out really poorly. Good thing I spent so much money on getting matching business cards, too, right? There are so many lines and dots and discolorations that I was unable to see on my computer. These photos are actually being pretty kind to them. Double actually, when I opened up the box and saw them, I went into the bathroom and cried. Yup.

So, I’m going to use them as thank you cards and very fancy stationary for making official business lists. I’ll let this be a lesson about the absolutely important nature of thorough proofing. I’m guessing that, much like a good tattoo rarely being cheap, cheap postcards are rarely good.

Thus, my new labeling system for post cards, business cards, and coupons:

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