A Weekly Review.

Mang, what a busy week!

Kelly and I started off the week by completely taking apart and reorganizing the shipping room at work.

We listened to the newest Aziz Ansari stand up album a few times during this task and I sniffled, coughed, and dripped a lot during this process because I had some kind of low-level reverse cold- starting in my chest and working its was up over the course of 5 or so days. Not sick enough to keep me from doing much, just enough to make my chest burn in a most unholy fashion when I would try to work out.

So, it’s been an athletically lazy week but still, overall, productive. Posted up a lot of errant With Care listings. Purchased an amply tall step stool so that I could finally FINALLY change out the 3 dead light bulbs in the kitchen and our new roomming mate bought a new vacuum cleaner. Gee. A vacuum? What a revelation!!! It’s like sweeping but actually effective.

On Wednesday I did a cool thing that I don’t want to talk about yet but I got to wear a bunch of make up.

Can you believe that I’ve had that shirt since Sophmore year of high school? I bought it from Night Owl Vintage Clothing in New Hope, Pennsylvania (“Opens around 11am” said the sign on the door). I did some nostalgic searching on the internet and it seems that Night Owl is no longer in existence- a huge bummer for me. I still think back wistfully to the day when I bought this shirt. I told my folks that I was going somewhere else and then spent the day in New Hope with my friends, being all free and teenager-y. It was a pretty formative day. I also bought my first Roxy Music and Gary Numan 45s at a weird record and ephemera shop. I’d heard that they were “cool” but the internet hadn’t developed to the point where an easy search could confirm or deny this information. Clothes, records, ice cream, Wicca shops… god… what a great place to be a teenager. Love Saves the Day!!!

Thursday was Joss’s birthday party. We ate lots of food and kind of fell asleep where we were sitting.

This was only the overture to dining. My folks came up this weekend and, while we did other things- like go to NEDS and do household improvements… and hang out in the hot tub at their hotel- we also ate some totally delicious food. One night at the Garden Grille for excellent vegetarian, the next night at Chez Pascal for a ridiculous feast of local duck, quail, pork, butter, and cream.

Now, I’m watching a DVD of Human Giant episodes, there is a little dog sleeping on me, I’m wearing my goth girl sweat suit, and everything is groovy.

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