I Wear Clothes.

But I take poor pictures of them.

I wore this yesterday to have a fully righteous day of going to Army/Navy surplus stores and weird collector shops with my boyfriend and father of my dog, Dave. It’s a perennial fave outfit so maybe you can see it again in a better light.

Boy Scout shirt from antique store in Barnegat, NJ | Dress from Savers in Warwick, RI | Best charcoal tights ever from Details on Thayer St., PVD, RI | Leather and wood clog boots from Swedish Hasbeens, The Internet, Everywhere.

As you can tell, picture taking was no my prime concern and the best shots I ended up with were the one above and this one of me fancifully nancing to the other end of the room.

Then, today, I tried to photograph what I was wearing and found only proof that I don’t actually own a full length mirror:

This outfit is comfy as hell and just as unflattering. Oh well. I’d post this on Wardrobe Remix but fear it being favorited by creepster belly fetishists or some such.

Tights from Details on Thayer St. PVD, RI | Skirt by me, sewn at work | Baseball shirt from Army/Navy store on Thayer St., Providence, RI.

However, where my outfit failed to accentuate the positive, my hair game was TOTALLY ON IT! I took a million pictures so that I can look back fondly on this good hair day when I am older and balder.

It really ages to perfection. This started out as electric blue.

Keep strong. There are only two more pictures to go.

Tonight, I just can’t stop getting things done and listening to the Flamin’ Groovies.  If only every Tuesday night could be so perfect.

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2 thoughts on “I Wear Clothes.

  1. jorjiapeach says:

    you crack me up. thanks for that.

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