Crack Thee Whip.

Photo of Bettie Page stolen from some virtual somewhere.

I know that there are lots of other professions and practitioners that use whips. Like equestriennes. And chiseled adventurers. And members of DEVO. I, however, always just assume “whip= buxom dominatrix”. Maybe it’s because, honestly, I really wouldn’t mind getting paid to hit people. At least for a few hours a week.

I wouldn’t mind wearing some nice, high boots either.

I’m currently doing a poor job of adjusting to the latest cultural shift in Providence. When I moved here, people still aspired to dress like Punky Brewster audition rejects and extend adolescence in kind of fun, rather mind boggling ways (“Our warehouse space doesn’t have a bathroom or heat … but it does have a giant slide and 3 secret lofts for reading comic books! Don’t tell the building inspector.“) Lately, I feel like everyone who still bothers to do stuff has given up on feel-good fun in favor of embracing stylized goth-gimp-dom/weird-faux-gypsy-ness (and complaining about ‘cultural appropriation’ while being totally oblivious to their own tacky romanticisms. But this complaint extends to the rest of the world, too.)  and being really uptight. Before, I felt like I could do anything and, if it was even mildly cool or interesting, people would support me. Now, I feel like I’m going to get talked down to if I so much as cough too loudly. It is with this in my heart that I present this new design.

“Thee Whip” is a vintage, bear head handled whip charm that I have hand finished. As the picture below shows, they were kind of a lifeless, uniform brass-y gold. I re-imagined them into a deep brown with golden highlights. This design comes hung from a gold chain or as a charming and sublte tie clip.

I’m going to give you another allusion to “cracking the whip”. After many months of slow sales, WITH CARE has crawled to an impasse just before hitting the rounded glory of 500 sales. Heartbreak! Sadness! Tears! Once this hurdle is jumped, I want to have some sort of fun celebration, probably in the form of a grand give away! But I need your help to close the gap. Consider your future of waiting impatiently for your package to arrive in the mail. These tie clips ain’t gonna buy themselves, you know!

Edited to add: Whoops. Looks like I accidentally “knocked off” this necklace by Toujours Toi. But, where theirs has some lil fists and costs, depending on finish, between $76 and $93, mine walks the path of simplicity and costs between $57 and $74.  Don’t get hustled, y’all!

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