The Width and Length.

In case you were slacking, remember!! There is still a scant amount of time to enter the 500th sale give away contest! It ends at 12am 5/14/12, EST!!!

I got a new dress! And by new, I mean “new”, like, “no one has ever owned this before”. After seeing it come up on, this lazy seamstress decided to try out the wares of A Website’s Worth of Delightful Dresses that I Could Make but, Let’s Face It, I’m Kind of Lazy. So, I popped in my measurements, dialed in my credit card, and waited patiently for 20ish days for my order to arrive.

I can’t really speak tot he quality of this dress yet, since I haven’t washed it or worn it extensively. So far, so good, though. I’m excited by the ample pockets and the finishing of the garment, while not couture, is one step up from the production-minded finishing of most US clothing retailers. For what amounts to a true made-to-measure dress, I was pretty taken aback by the pricing (maybe that is why I ordered the most expensive one? or was that a temporary lapse in judgement when faced with a velocipede border print?). I tried to do some sleuthing and could only come up with neither good nor bad facts about their labor practice. I like that they don’t obscure the fact that the clothes are made by skilled(?) tailors/seamstresses/etc within the Indian garment industry but I would a little but more transparency as to their business practices.

Unfudged with photo for color references. And proof of the continuing, awesome fade of this hair color.

Unrelated to pretty dresses, I’ve been thinking a lot about breadth of experience (variety!) versus depth of experience (stay and fight!). For the first part of my life (22 years, that is), there was the great breadth of growing up. Years with firm delineation, a rhythmic change in scenery, and a constant development of new and frustrating skills and/or social graces. Without digressing, I packed a lot into those 22 years.

And then I graduated college and moved away, assuming that the world would magnify the excitement and adventure of the first 22. It would be unstoppable and awesome. And then a found a nice man and a nice dog and a nice house and a nice job. And change, measurable change and exciting change ceased. Years, for the first time, run together punctuated only by a rotating cast of cell phones, bicycles, and hair color. For comfort, I’ve traded breadth of experience for depth. It’s not bad but it is more difficult to assess and describe. It’s all kind of the same and I can really only gauge if things were better or worse in retrospect. I know that the good thing take time but patience, the virtue that I skill that I need the most, is the one the one that I have developed the least.

Myself as a cheery college graduate.


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