Boggsville Boatel.

or: More Journeys to the End of the World.

photo by Nathan Kensinger

Friends, the next time you find yourself in New York City and someone says to you, “Well, why don’t we just rent a room at the Boggsville Boatel?”- you agree. Just nod, shut your mouth, and take the one hour train ride into the Far Rockaways (“Pawtucket-by-the-Sea”).

This weekend, I had the esteemed pleasure of staying a night at Marina 59’s premier flux space. It was awesome. A flotilla of abandon 60s and 70s recreational boats-turned-theme rooms. On the horizon, planes where touching down and taking off from JFK. Water  was lapping against the boat hulls. In the background, the train rattles by as people on shore yell at each other far into the night. It’s the best example of existing on an unusual intersection. And, when it’s warmer out, you can totally jump off the boats and go swimming, late into the night.

I’d love to pepper this entry with a ton of pictures of weird boats and my friends having fun but I didn’t bring my camera with me and, despite my love of Google Image Search, a lot of the photos in existence are from last year. The space has really taken off in a great direction from there so these photos seem inappropriately underwhelming. Instead, check here for some of the vibe and check here for some of the factual information.

And, while you are at it,  check out what the New York Times, NPR, Flux Factory, and Inhabitat have to say. Keep that “hipster” word off your lips. It’s really much better than that.

PS! Still time to enter into the Dainty Squid/With Care giveaway fun! Go on over and check it out!!!


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